Support Online

Support Online


PLAN 25-40% Per Month

$200.00 - $1999.00($) 0.83

$2000.00 - $5999.00($) 1.00

$6000.00 - $10000.00($) 1.33


$200-$1999 ___ (1.00%)

$2000-$5999 ___(1.33%)

$6000-$10000___ (1.50%)

PLAN 45-55% Daily

$2000.00 - $5999.00 ___ (1.50%)

$6000.00 - $9999.00 ___(1.66%)

$10000.00 - $25000.00___ (1.83%)

PLAN 50-60%Daily

$2000.00 - $5999.00 ___ (1.66%)

$6000.00 - $9999.00 ___(1.83%)

$10000.00 - $25000.00 ___ (2.00%)

About Company

CFD WIZ Trade is ready to propose profitable cooperation for all comers. We present a high-tech and modern company which is recognized industry leader in the field of computer technology, software and innovations.
Our technical experts are involved in developing new methods and effective algorithms of Forex Trading.
Over last few years CFD WIZ Trade has managed to build a few large Trading farms in the United Kingdom and Scotland.We have equipped them with the most powerful and modern mining hardware that around the clock provides excellent results and serves as a source for earnings.
In the summer of 2017 our team has made a successful attempt to enter international investment market with to offer cooperation for clients and partners.Currently, our goalis to develop wider European network of Forex Trading farms to provide everyone.the opportunity to participate in processes of mining and earning

About Company

5%Get 5% Refernce Comission ( for each First Partners)

3%Get 3% Refernce Comission ( for each 2nd Partners)

1%Get 1% Refernce Comission ( for each 3rd Partners)

Experienced Trading Team

CFD WIZ is a team of professional in cryptocurrency mining. who know how cryptocurrency mining works

Strong DDoS Protection

CFD WIZ web servers protected by DDOS-Guard, It's one of the world's trusted DDoS Protection and mitigation provider

Secure Transaction

We are using EV SSL encryption and has a green address bar that confirms that your transaction is secure with us.

24/7 Friendly Support

We understand how important having reliable support service is to you. Please don't hesitate to contact us !


John Wise Man $ 64546.00

John Wise Man $ 64546.00

John Wise Man $ 64546.00

John Wise Man $ 64546.00

John Wise Man $ 64546.00

John Wise Man $ 64546.00

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